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clippersON Beauty Shop

We don't do this because it's    Easy.
We don't do this because
everybody will know                 Our Name.
We don't do this to get             Rich
                                                  although  if we get rich we
                                               won't turn it away.
We do this for the dignity that comes when we take our own two hands and build something       
                                               That Matters.
We do this to make style personal again.

We do this to be in control.
                                               To call The Shots 
                                               The Hours.
                                               The Days.
We do this for the way our kids look up at us.  
The way our soulmate admires us.
                                                For the Endless Possibility.
                                                The Constant Potential.
We do this because
                                                This is not Just a Job
                                                This is a Springboard, a Platform.
We do this because we believe 
                                                 The Style honestly Matters. 

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