Haircut - Short-----------------------------------------------$25.00 
Haircut - Designer-------------------------------------------$30.00
Haircut - Medium--------------------------------------------$30.00 
Haircut - Long------------------------------------------------$38.00
Beard Trim----------------------------------------------------$10.00
Neck Trim-----------------------------------------------------$10.00
Kids Haircut - Short------------------------------------------$20.00
(10 and under )
Kids Haircut - Designer--------------------------------------$25.00
(10 and under ) 
Kids Haircut - Long-------------------------------------------$25.00
(10 and under )
Long Perm---------------------------------------------------$120.00 
Regular Perm-------------------------------------------------$85.00
Color (all over)-----------------------------------------------$80.00 
Color + Highlights------------------------------------------$160.00 
Color Retouch------------------------------------------------$60.00 
Partial Highlights + Color----------------------------------$120.00
Partial Highlights---------------------------------------------$80.00
Cheek Wax----------------------------------------------------$12.00 
Chin Wax------------------------------------------------------$12.00 
Eyebrow Wax-------------------------------------------------$12.00 
Full Face Wax-------------------------------------------------$40.00 
Lip Wax--------------------------------------------------------$12.00
Shampoo & Style--------------------------------------------$35.00 
Shampoo, Haircut & Style ---------------------------------$58.00

Haircut - Short

Classic cut, pixie cut or fade $30.00 25min

Haircut - Long

Shoulder length and longer. $45.00 40min

Kids Haircut

12 years old and under. $25.00 20min

Men ReShade

ReShade is grey blending service for men fast and discreet right at the

shampoo bowl. Includes haircut and style. $65.00 50min

Neck Trim $10.00 10min

Shampoo $10.00 15min

Perm Long

Shoulder length hair and longer. Includes special shampoo and haircut. $150.00 175min

Perm Regular

Short and medium hair length. Includes special shampoo and haircut. $110.00 145min


Shampoo & Style $40.00 35min

Shampoo, Haircut & Style $60.00 50min

Style $25.00 30min

Eyebrow Wax $15.00 15min

Chin Wax $15.00 15min

Lip Wax $15.00 15min

Cheek Wax $15.00 15min

Full Face Wax $50.00 30min


Color (all over color)

One color roots to ends. Includes shampoo and style. $115.00 125min

Color Retouch

Grey coverage. Roots only. Includes shampoo and style. $95.00 95min

Partial Highlights

Half head foils.

Includes a single toner, shampoo and style. $115.00 115min

Highlights (full foil)

Full head. Includes a single toner, shampoo and style. $170.00 165min

Bleach & Tone Retouch

Roots only. Includes a single toner, shampoo and style. Consultation

required. $120.00 100min

Bleach and Tone (hourly rate 100+)

Roots to ends. Includes a single toner, shampoo and style. Consultation

required. $300.00 180min